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Bassem Dghaidi

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Understanding and utilizing team dynamics for success

I’ve worked with a lot of different teams, different dynamics, diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ways of working. A consistent sign of natural leadership & seniority is when someone joins a team & they quickly understand the roles & functions already fulfilled.

I’m not referring to titles. I’m referring to team dynamics roles (including but not limited to):

  • the joker
  • the architect
  • the quiet tech wizard
  • the organizer
  • the true leader
  • the junior
  • the team lead wannabe
  • the ambitious
  • etc.

Then they proceed to fulfill the role that serves “the team” the most. Meaning, if the team already has a true leader but is missing the organizer, they become the organizer instead of passively aggressively fighting to replace the true leader.

This diffuses the team. It creates more natural pathways for collaboration & helps the whole team level up!

By doing so, these individuals indirectly set themselves up for success because they can spin the narrative in their favor & have evidence of their impact.

This never failed me, yet.

Disclaimer: The opinions shared are my own and do not represent my employers (current and former).