Bassem Dghaidi

Bassem Dghaidi

Sr. SWE @ GitHub

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Title Event Type Date
Hassle-free pull requests with GitHub Copilot GitHub Universe 2023 Product Demo November 8, 2023
Writing code without the setup with GitHub Codespaces GitHub 15 Minutes to Merge Series Product Demo October 16, 2023
A deep dive into ARC the Kubernetes operator to scale self-hosted runners WeAreDevelopers DevOps Day Tech Talk October 3, 2023
The future is now: the AI assisted programming paradigm shift TECH KNOW FEST Keynote September 28, 2023
GitHub in my Day Job S1E5: Contributing without the setup with Codespaces GitHub Event Live Stream May 3, 2023
EGGS 307: THE FUTURE IS NOW – EXPLORING AI AND THE FUTURE OF JOBS IN TECH Eggs the Podcast Podcast Guest April 27, 2023
Introduction to backend security SE Factory Tech Talk April 3, 2023
Reducing DevOps toolchain complexity with GitHub GitHub Galaxy 2023 Speaker March 31, 2023
Scaling Web Applications with Bassem Dghaidi & Ahmed Elemam - Tech Podcast بالعربي Ahmed Elemam Youtube Channel Podcast Guest March 5, 2023
Open Source Programme Offices (OSPOs) in the UN System - A Spotlight on WHO UNGA 77 Side Event Panel Guest September 15, 2022
SuperHERoes’ Series - Imposter Syndrome Tesco PLC Talk September 6, 2022
Designing Software Solutions That Scale SE Factory Tech Talk February 1, 2022
Developer productivity and a sneak peek into the future of software development Slack Communities Panel Guest November 10, 2021
GitHub Copilot and other topics (in Arabic) Mohamed Elsherif Youtube Channel Podcast Guest October 30, 2021
Developer productivity methods and tools Jobstack Panel Guest August 28, 2021
CI/CD with GitHub Actions (in Arabic) عقلية مبرمج Podcast Guest July 11, 2021
Unlocking the secret to developer productivity GitHub Infocus 2022 Host February 24, 2021
Enabling Digital Transformation For A Fast-Paced Business Expansion Euro Med Panel Guest November 19, 2020

Speaker Bio

Bassem Dghaidi enjoys solving hard problems in internet scale distributed systems and takes pride in abolishing organisational inefficiencies and adopting a cross-disciplined approach to problem solving.

Bassem is a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub, where he is currently focused on building the next generation of GitHub Actions. With a career spanning over 15 years, Bassem worked across various industries, including TechEd, car manufacturing, FinTech, transportation and logistics.

In a previous role, Bassem worked closely with some of the largest corporate customers and Fortune 500 companies as a trusted advisor. He helped these enterprises optimise their software development lifecycle and adopt DevOps best practices.

Apart from his work at GitHub, Bassem is passionate about empowering the next generation of technologists. He was a founding member of SE Factory, a technical career accelerator that has become Lebanon’s leading training program for aspiring software engineers.

Bassem is also an active podcaster and content creator sharing his technical and career-related insights on major social media platforms.

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