Different Laws of physics in different regions of the Universe?

Shifts in the fine structure constant alpha
Shifts in the fine structure constant alpha - Author Unknown - Image may be subject to copyright.

A discovery, although not proven yet, has great implications

A discovery published in the Physical Review Letters by J. K. WebbJ. A. KingM. T. MurphyV. V. FlambaumR. F. Carswell, and M. B. Bainbridge from the University of New South Wales discusses observations of variations of the electromagnetic couple constant (alpha) in other parts of the universe. The change of this constant mean a change in the Laws of Physics that govern that part of the Universe.

A very interesting article was written by one of the authors of the paper, you can find the link to it below:


This paper is highly controversial and skeptics are already working to disprove these observations. But “What if” the above was true? Could it mean we are alone in the Universe?