Bitcoin Price as an OS X Widget

There are many solutions for OS X Yosemite (open source, free or paid apps) to stay up to date with the latest BTC/USD exchange rate (the list to the Github repos can be found below). I wanted a simple solution that I can hack in a few minutes on a lazy Sunday night. The solution is a simple Today widget. To get the result in the shot below, continue reading.



All you need is Today-Scripts (a simple OS X app that allows you to run shell scripts in your Today bar) and a small Python script and you’re set. Follow these instructions get the desired result:

  1. Download the latest build of Today-Scripts (latest build) or if you prefer, compile your own version from source code (Github Repo)
  2. Create a new python script (anywhere) from the following gist ( The scripts calls the Coinbase REST api to get the latest price.
  3. Using Today-Scripts select the ksh shell and specify the python interpreter to use followed by the script’s absolute path (if you find a more elegant solution for this, drop a line in the comments section below)



 The Setup as a GIF

widget setup gif

Oh, and btw, the gif above was created by adopting this method:


I don’t vouch for any of these options as I haven’t personally tested them

Menubar options: