The Personal MBA – a must read book


The Personal MBA

I am usually not a big fan of small posts as I prefer to elaborate on thoughts and take ideas to higher levels of abstractions. However this time it’s an exception!

The Personal MBA (PMBA) by Josh Kaufman is must buy/must read book. By the time of publishing of this post I have barely finished the first 3 chapters, and for the first time I feel deeply connected with the author. The ideas described in the first chapter about the importance of multidisciplinary thinking, self education, and mental models have been topics of high interest to me over the years. However I never reached a level of thought maturity that allows me to speak of these topics. Josh does it extremely well.

For every college dropout, entrepreneur, employee, one with a great idea, one who wants to execute a dream; This book is a must read. For whoever wants to dive into the mind of “Freethinkers”, this book is yours.

In a later post i’ll elaborate my thoughts on the term Freethinkers. For the time being, go buy and enjoy the book!

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