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For all you bloggers, online news agencies out there who want to make good use of the free social media services with the least effort, gives you an automated news syndication solution. Whether you make use of Facebook, twitter, and all other social media websites to stay in contact with your audience, to gain publicity or to syndicate news, publishing your blog posts, or articles has become enormously easy with (Deliver it).

How does it work?

I leave it to this video to explain how to use

You forgot a username for the YouTube shortcode

If your blog has an RSS feed you can just make an account on their website and syndicate news automatically based on schedules.

What is not included in the video

Deliver it offers you a set of features with which you can:

1.       Modify and Add newsblogpost sources to syndicate.

2.       Modify and Add delivery destinations (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Status Net, Ping, Google Buzz, MySpace, Foursquare etc…)

3.       Keep track of the number of clicks made by users on the destination platforms.

4.       Make direct posts to one or any number of your social media accounts.

5.       Add a Widget to your website. route configuration
Route Configuration statistics feature
Statistics Feature is still in Beta phase, hence it’s not very stable yet, so you might want to keep an eye on the number of posts, connection issues, and visit your account frequently to see if there are any delivery problems.


All in all, is still a young service, but it’s showing a lot of potential. It’s been in beta version for a while now; I think they are still struggling with the constant change in API features. However their reach and increase in destination social media services makes them worth a visit and trial of their free service.


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